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Sheet Metal Rolling is a process in which a strip of sheet metal is passed through a series of carefully calibrated rolls, each of which rolls the strip a certain amount until the desired radius is achieved. It is ideal for forming sheet metal cylinders, curved faces, cones and radiused panels. Sheet metal rolling process is very popular for making water tanks and cylinders.

We offer sheet metal rolling services for Stainless Steel of up to 3mm in thickness and Mild Steel of up to 6mm in thickness. Other materials such as Copper, Brass, and Aluminum are also accepted.

Material Thickness Width Radius
Stainless Steel 3.0mm Max 8 feet Max 12 inches
Mild Steel / Galvanized 6.0mm Max 8 feet Max 12 inches
Aluminum 6.0mm Max 8 feet Max 12 inches
Brass & Copper 6.0mm Max 8 feet Max 12 inches